Normann Pattiz Releases Outcome on Podcast Advertising Research Study

Normann Pattiz, the executive chair of PodcastOne alongside Tom Webster, the strategy VP at Edison Research released the outcome of studies conducted on podcast advertising. The tests were conducted on the advertising campaigns on five big consumer brands from different categories of products and services. The first-ever tests were carried out before the advertising campaigns went live and after they had run for around four to six weeks. The studies were conducted in 2016 during the second half of the year. The released results showed that podcast advertising had a positive impact on the intention to purchase, brand and specific messaging recall. The released results portrayed a number of findings that point towards the positive impact of podcast advertising. Learn more:


Research Studies


A total of three different studies were carried by Edison Research on the effectiveness of podcast advertising on five nationwide brands. Among these brands were some that were well known by the market and were only passing new messages while others were fairly new. The new products were looking for trials as well as awareness. The released results showed that indeed more people were appreciating the products’ brand messages and showed an increased intent to either consider or even purchase them. Learn more:





Pattiz revealed that his company favored independent verifications on the impact that advertising on the podcast format has over using the conventional formats. He was happy with the results as they validated their method of approach to incorporated marketing and measurement. Tom Webster, on his part revealed his excitement for having been given the honor to help PodcastOne gauge the effectiveness of their advertising format. He was also satisfied with the outcome as it was near perfect since they carried out the studies before and after the advertising campaigns were run. This enabled them to definitively show the effectiveness of podcast advertising on products. Learn more:


About Normann Pattiz


Mr. Normann Pattiz is the chair of Launchpad Digital Media/PodcastOne. He also founded Westwood One, which he led to become the biggest radio network that provided news, entertainment, traffic, talk and sports programming to the broadcasting sector. Westwood One was involved in the management, ownership and distribution of CBS News, NBC radio networks, NCAA Basketball, NFL Football among others. He also created the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 before launching PodcastOne Sales and PodcastOne in the recent past. Normann Pattiz has served on the United States’ Broadcasting Board of Governors under both President Clinton and Bush. He is also the University of California’s Regent. Learn more:

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