Glen Wakeman Designs Initiative For Disaster Victims

Why Disaster Relief Recovery Is Important


Glen Wakeman is a many of many professional talents including professional global executive and mentor to name a few. However, he was not to busy in his personal business endeavors to reach out to the victims of the Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico (AffiliateDork). The devastation ultimately claimed an estimated 1,000 lives, torn the roof off several buildings and house, left much of the community without electricity, inadequate medical treatment, insufficient food supply, and the need for clean water. Wakeman was one of the very few business professionals to take the personal effort to help the recovery efforts on the ravished island and have encouraged other corporations to follow suit.


How Wakeman Got Corporations To Help


Reports on the extent of the devastation on the island will be a lengthy process estimated to cost $95 billion dollars. Thus far, the Red Cross was able to raise $55 million dollars and touch down with food, water, hand sanitizer and more. There are still over 1 million victims devastated by the storm and this is where corporations can help ( More food and clean water is needed along with generators while electricity is being restored to thousands of communities that have been without power since the hurricane.


Who Is Glen Wakeman


Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur and mentor who coaches other businesses on being successful. He recently contributed $5,000 and encourages other big businesses to follow suit. He also wants them to know how important it is to give back to the communities you serve. Glen Wakeman says, he will continue to help the disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico because he believes it’s very important not to rely solely on government aid in the event of a disaster.


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Mark Holterman’s Commitment to Medicine and Humanity

Dr. Mark Holterman is dedicated to serving and advancing the field of medicine, but he also devotes his time to humanitarian causes. Two “pet” projects of the world-famous physician are the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam, or IPSAC-VN, and Children’s Surgery International, or CSI (Health.USNews).

The IPSAC-VN is a charity designed to assist the children of Vietnam. It provides this help by promoting health care programs, by educating the latest generation of medical workers and by providing the latest medical equipment and services. One of its goals is to improve health services in remote areas of the country. Closely related to the IPSAC-VN is CSI, an organization dedicated to helping girls and young women in Vietnam. This organization operates the Blossom House foster home for orphans and also serves children from impoverished backgrounds. Additionally, CSI is involved in medical services offered by provincial-level hospitals (

The world is in need of pediatric surgical services, which is why both the IPSAC-VN and CIS are constantly seeking donations in the form of money and human resources. In order to complete its goals, both organizations need volunteers who will devote their time lecturing students, caring for patients and performing surgery. The types of surgery performed can range from simple procedures to major operations involving the removal of tumors, the repair of heart disorders or even organ transplants. Requirements for service as a volunteer include the possession of a medical license and a passport that will remain valid long after the visit to another country.

The IPSAC-VN and CIS are but two elements of Mark Holterman’s impressive background. Raised on a farm in Wisconsin, he would later attend Yale University and the University of Virginia. He lived in Washington state and in Canada before moving to Illinois. He has served in such capacities as an instructor, research associate and surgeon, and since 2011 been a full professor at the medical college of the University of Illinois.

Holterman helped establish the Mariam Global Health Fund, which provides financial assistance to companies that specialize in such fields as oncology and stem cell therapy. He is also the author of many papers and related writings in the field of medicine.

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The Latest Expansion Plans Of Stream Energy At Illinois

Stream Energy has now expanded its energy footprint by launching its Energy Services in Illinois. Stream Energy is considered as a leader today. It is a direct selling company that is a leader in this field today. In this way, it is providing several connected life services.


Now Stream Energy has officially launched its line of Energy Services, which is along with its Wireless, Protective and Home Services (GazetteDay). This was launched in northern Illinois on this Saturday. Now Illinois has become the seventh state which has been added to the growing footprint of Stream Energy. It comes after Texas, Pennsylvania, followed by New York, New Jersey, and then Georgia, Maryland, besides Washington, D.C.


Larry Mondry is the President and CEO of Stream Energy. He says that they had been planning expansion for quite some time ( The company is now looking forward towards offering their services to Illinois in order to make them a part of the Stream Energy family.


With this kind of expansion to northern Illinois, consumers will get access to these services that will be charged at 2% that will be below the incumbent. This would include fixed-rate electric plans that will range from 6 to 12 months.


With this expansion into Illinois, Stream Energy will be getting a chance to offer its service lines to a market that is completely new. This will also allow their Associates to grow as well as expand their businesses. The Chief Operating Officer of Stream Energy is Dan O’Malley. He feels that there is a lot of room for growth in this market. Hence he is highly excited about the future as Stream Energy is continuing on its expansion spree.


This Illinois expansion will be celebrated by Stream Energy along with its Independent Associates at a launch event that will be held on January 13, 2018. This will be at the Navy Pier, which is a famous Chicago landmark.


Stream Energy is providing various services that include Energy Services, besides Wireless Services, as well as Protective Services, besides Home Services. All these work seamlessly in order to fit their customers’ lifestyles by keeping them connected.

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Jorge Moll’s Career and Vision

Besides being a Brazilian businessman, Jorge Moll is also a cardiologist. He is a co-founder of the D’Or hospital network, Brazil’s largest private group of hospitals. Moll is also D’Or Institute for Research and Education president and the chairman of Rede D’Or São Luiz Board of Directors.

As part of his achievements at Rede D’Or São Luiz, Moll invested in the state of the art medical equipment acquisition for the hospital to become a reference hospital in Brazil. Moll also discovered the first neuroscientist in the world. This action concluded the relationship between health and volunteering.

In his career, Jorge Moll is a visionary in the entrepreneurship management and health. His attendance at the FEHOSUL and SINDIHOSPA event in Porto Alegre evidences this ( As he led the second part of the event which discussed the trends in health and their impacts on the hospital management, Moll, who is also the founder of this network leading 32 hospitals in Brazil, stated that Rio de Janeiro was Brazil’s medical center in the late 70s and early 80s. The increased number of public hospitals in Rio, accompanied by SUS, worsened the situation in Brazil resulting in the construction of Copa D’Or, Quinta D’Or and Barra D’Or out of necessity (Loop.Frontiersin).

Moll’s consistency and unwavering spirit in his career have seen him achieve a lot even in hard economic times. At the time they built the three hospitals, the top beneficiaries were the operators who only gave the hospital very little money. Brazil’s economic crises also saw many people leaving the health plans for SUS. Despite the above problems, Moll still managed to come up with the Total Health Management Model. This model aimed at providing health care at low costs and without wastage. In order to accomplish this, the model encompasses a complete patient control from their entry to the clinic, emergency room, clinical and surgical hospitalizations.