Glen Wakeman Designs Initiative For Disaster Victims

Why Disaster Relief Recovery Is Important


Glen Wakeman is a many of many professional talents including professional global executive and mentor to name a few. However, he was not to busy in his personal business endeavors to reach out to the victims of the Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico (AffiliateDork). The devastation ultimately claimed an estimated 1,000 lives, torn the roof off several buildings and house, left much of the community without electricity, inadequate medical treatment, insufficient food supply, and the need for clean water. Wakeman was one of the very few business professionals to take the personal effort to help the recovery efforts on the ravished island and have encouraged other corporations to follow suit.


How Wakeman Got Corporations To Help


Reports on the extent of the devastation on the island will be a lengthy process estimated to cost $95 billion dollars. Thus far, the Red Cross was able to raise $55 million dollars and touch down with food, water, hand sanitizer and more. There are still over 1 million victims devastated by the storm and this is where corporations can help ( More food and clean water is needed along with generators while electricity is being restored to thousands of communities that have been without power since the hurricane.


Who Is Glen Wakeman


Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur and mentor who coaches other businesses on being successful. He recently contributed $5,000 and encourages other big businesses to follow suit. He also wants them to know how important it is to give back to the communities you serve. Glen Wakeman says, he will continue to help the disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico because he believes it’s very important not to rely solely on government aid in the event of a disaster.


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