Jorge Moll’s Career and Vision

Besides being a Brazilian businessman, Jorge Moll is also a cardiologist. He is a co-founder of the D’Or hospital network, Brazil’s largest private group of hospitals. Moll is also D’Or Institute for Research and Education president and the chairman of Rede D’Or São Luiz Board of Directors.

As part of his achievements at Rede D’Or São Luiz, Moll invested in the state of the art medical equipment acquisition for the hospital to become a reference hospital in Brazil. Moll also discovered the first neuroscientist in the world. This action concluded the relationship between health and volunteering.

In his career, Jorge Moll is a visionary in the entrepreneurship management and health. His attendance at the FEHOSUL and SINDIHOSPA event in Porto Alegre evidences this ( As he led the second part of the event which discussed the trends in health and their impacts on the hospital management, Moll, who is also the founder of this network leading 32 hospitals in Brazil, stated that Rio de Janeiro was Brazil’s medical center in the late 70s and early 80s. The increased number of public hospitals in Rio, accompanied by SUS, worsened the situation in Brazil resulting in the construction of Copa D’Or, Quinta D’Or and Barra D’Or out of necessity (Loop.Frontiersin).

Moll’s consistency and unwavering spirit in his career have seen him achieve a lot even in hard economic times. At the time they built the three hospitals, the top beneficiaries were the operators who only gave the hospital very little money. Brazil’s economic crises also saw many people leaving the health plans for SUS. Despite the above problems, Moll still managed to come up with the Total Health Management Model. This model aimed at providing health care at low costs and without wastage. In order to accomplish this, the model encompasses a complete patient control from their entry to the clinic, emergency room, clinical and surgical hospitalizations.


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