Mark Holterman’s Commitment to Medicine and Humanity

Dr. Mark Holterman is dedicated to serving and advancing the field of medicine, but he also devotes his time to humanitarian causes. Two “pet” projects of the world-famous physician are the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam, or IPSAC-VN, and Children’s Surgery International, or CSI (Health.USNews).

The IPSAC-VN is a charity designed to assist the children of Vietnam. It provides this help by promoting health care programs, by educating the latest generation of medical workers and by providing the latest medical equipment and services. One of its goals is to improve health services in remote areas of the country. Closely related to the IPSAC-VN is CSI, an organization dedicated to helping girls and young women in Vietnam. This organization operates the Blossom House foster home for orphans and also serves children from impoverished backgrounds. Additionally, CSI is involved in medical services offered by provincial-level hospitals (

The world is in need of pediatric surgical services, which is why both the IPSAC-VN and CIS are constantly seeking donations in the form of money and human resources. In order to complete its goals, both organizations need volunteers who will devote their time lecturing students, caring for patients and performing surgery. The types of surgery performed can range from simple procedures to major operations involving the removal of tumors, the repair of heart disorders or even organ transplants. Requirements for service as a volunteer include the possession of a medical license and a passport that will remain valid long after the visit to another country.

The IPSAC-VN and CIS are but two elements of Mark Holterman’s impressive background. Raised on a farm in Wisconsin, he would later attend Yale University and the University of Virginia. He lived in Washington state and in Canada before moving to Illinois. He has served in such capacities as an instructor, research associate and surgeon, and since 2011 been a full professor at the medical college of the University of Illinois.

Holterman helped establish the Mariam Global Health Fund, which provides financial assistance to companies that specialize in such fields as oncology and stem cell therapy. He is also the author of many papers and related writings in the field of medicine.

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