Talk Fusion University, What’s That?

If you have been wondering what Talk Fusion University is all about you are not alone. It’s been a short while since CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion Bob Reina talked about his idea of creating a university for the associates of Talk Fusion. After the smoke cleared and the dust settled, we found out that Bob did what he always does, lived up to his mission of making it better for people. Bob put over 25 years of his knowledge about network marketing into the online training program that is a large part of Talk Fusion University. As a former police officer Bob learned quickly that having a system in place is helpful. When he entered into direct sales he formulated a four step system that helped him to become a top earner, it is the same system he uses to this day.


The university is a private section where Talk Fusion Associates can go to get training from Bob Reina via a private hub full of online video and written materials. One concept taught at the University is that this is a team sport and you need to do your part and help other players do their part too. It’s all part of the mission of making sure people have a duplicable system that works for everyone. You can read more about the university and what Bob Reina had to say about it’s launch in the article located here:


Talk Fusion is an all in one video marketing system that allows business people, charity organizations and everyday people to use video, video email, video newsletters and more to make a personal connection with anyone and everyone. The system that Talk Fusion offers is top of the line too. It features much more than any other product like it on the market today. It is also easy to use with a system of templates and drag and drops that make it fun and easy to use for people who have no video marketing skill sets. Talk Fusion also allows people to build a business by offering Talk Fusion to others.

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